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The information posted here is to fill you in on the details of our travel job opportunities. Outlined here is a brief job description, the logistics of training, expenses, pay rates, and opportunities for advancement. If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us. As an agent working with our organization, you will be engaged in making personal interviews at home, business, and offices for books and periodicals from leading U.S. publishing companies.

You will be taking these travel job opportunities with a group of like minded individuals taking advantage of staying in quality hotels in major cities all across the country. The group usually remains one to three weeks in each city visited and enjoy group rates for accommodations. The personnel we associate ourselves with are from various parts of the country as well as abroad and have varied educational backgrounds and diverse personalities. You will have many things in common such as traveling, which is an educational opportunity, as well as an earnings potential that is higher than average. All traveling expenses for your travel job opportunities are provided along with personal expenses during the initial two weeks training period. You will earn a starting commission of 50% which increases incrementally based on sales, plus daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bonuses. In addition, you will have the opportunity to compete in a company-sponsored contest that awards many excellent prizes. In the even for any reason your contract to represent Lifestyle Success Inc is terminated, return transportation is guaranteed and provided back to the city where you were hired.

As described above everyone working on this travel tour is also enrolled in a contest for points which offers the opportunity of earning an achievement award of $2,000.00 payable at intervals according to total points based on sales. You must be active and present at the semi-annual awards presentations to receive prizes and bonuses based on points. Our company only promotes individuals from within who have taken advantage of travel job opportunities, so anyone working above you has already been in your shoes and done what you have done. At the same time anyone not yet to your position is striving for their own success. There are no competing spots for senior and/or managment positions. Promotions and percentage raises are given to any individual who earns them based on sales quotas and leadership abilities. It is not about the time spent with our company, It’s what you do in the time you are here and how you make the most of travel job opportunities presented to you!

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